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South Carolina Republican Primary Preview

Duke Political Review’s Shaker Samman and Michelle Krogius are headed to South Carolina Thursday to report for DPR Dispatches on the state’s upcoming primary. The primary is this Saturday. What do you need to know before then?

Hillary Clinton: Hawk or dove?

With mixed results, Hillary Clinton has dovishly placed trust in Russia and Iran, while acting as a hawk in Libya and Syria. The question is, which Hillary Clinton would become President and which Hillary Clinton would we prefer?

A Biased Look at Jeb Bush

Jeb addresses poverty, education, immigration, and many other issues in an informed, intelligent, and respectful way, while others are too scared to discuss the issue openly or truthfully.

Socialism in Iowa City

Sanders’s appeal comes from the rebellious propensities of American youth, the frustration of those who feel left behind, and a warm embrace of American diversity and multiculturalism.

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz was born an American citizen in Calgary, Alberta, Canada to an American mother and Cuban father. Like many