Big Steve’s Midterm Update 9/22


In what was a strong week for Republicans in the polls, a seemingly low-profile Senate race took an interesting turn. In Kansas, Republican Senator Pat Roberts faces a challenge from independent Greg Orman, a career political centrist  who has previously supported both Republicans and Democrats. Democratic Nominee Chad Taylor dropped out of the race, potentially clearing a path for Orman (who is much more preferable to Democrats) to unseat Roberts. Democrats tried to take Taylor’s name off the ballot, starting a legal battle between the two parties. This past Thursday, the Kansas State Supreme Court ruled in favor of Democrats, meaning if the election were held today, no Democratic candidate would appear on the ballot. Republican State Attorney General Kris Kobach intends to keep the issue alive

This news comes during a week of poor polling for Democrats. In Louisiana, Republican challenger Bill Cassidy shows signs of pulling away from incumbent Democrat Mary Landrieu (A FOX News poll puts Cassidy up 13 points!). The Republicans continue to appear within reach of taking back control of the Senate in addition to retaining control of the House. Chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee Rep. Greg Walden might have summed it up best when he said, “I’d rather be us than them.”

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