Candidate Profiles


Marco Rubio

Born in Miami, Marco Antonio Rubio was raised in a Roman Catholic household by Cuban immigrants who had fled to

Rand Paul

Rand Paul grew up in Texas where his father, Ron Paul, served as a Republican congressman from Texas’ 14th and

John Kasich

A second-generation American, John Richard Kasich lived in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania before attending Ohio State University (OSU). While a freshman,

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz was born an American citizen in Calgary, Alberta, Canada to an American mother and Cuban father. Like many

Chris Christie

Chris Christie is the Republican Governor of the traditionally blue state of New Jersey. He is known for his combative

Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson was born into an impoverished family in Detroit. At the age of eight, his father abandoned his

Bernie Sanders

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, born in Brooklyn, New York, is a self-described democratic socialist seeking the 2016 Democratic nomination.

Hillary Clinton

A Chicago native and Wellesley alum, attorney Hillary Diane Rodham left a Washington career to follow her boyfriend William Jefferson