Controversy over Ebola Quarantines


Doctors without Borders nurse Kaci Hickox, who treated Ebola patients in Sierra Leone, was granted freedom from quarantine in Maine on Friday. A judge ruled that the state had to empirically prove a need for quarantine if it wished to institute one. This decision comes after Hickox, who disobeyed Maine’s quarantine by rode a bike Thursday, was first held at Newark International Airport against her will due to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s order that all returning health workers who treated the disease be put under a 21-day mandatory quarantine. Threatening to sue Christie if she remained held, Hickox stated that Christie’s decision reflected “an abundance of politics” rather than scientific or medical evidence.

After the Maine judge’s Friday decision, Hickox stated “We will only win this battle… as we end the outbreak that is still ongoing in West Africa today,” echoing what many have said in arguing against both travel bans and American Ebola hysteria as a whole. In Africa, the situation is certainly far from solved. The World Bank has added another $100 million to their donations in an effort to send more health care workers to West Africa.

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