DPR Staff Elects Gorwitz and Phillips as Next Editors-in-Chief


Juniors Zach Gorwitz and Connor Phillips will take over as co-editors-in-chief next year after being elected by the DPR staff March 9. The pair will assemble their senior staff over the next several weeks and assume their positions at the end of the academic year.

Gorwitz and Phillips both worked for DPR as columnists in the publication’s inaugural year. This year, Gorwitz led DPR’s Interviews Board and Phillips served as the Online Managing Editor.

“We have the utmost confidence in their ability to hone the organization’s vision as it continues to grow in its first years on campus,” current co-editor-in-chief Michael Pelle said following their election.

Co-editor-in-chief Natalie Ritchie said both Gorwitz and Phillips have been key members from the start. “Connor’s piece on Latvian supermarkets remains one of my favorites we’ve published,” she said. “There simply isn’t a political topic he can’t master. And Zach’s freshman year article on paying NCAA athletes remains the most-read story we’ve had.”

“We spent a lot of time this year institutionalizing DPR within Duke’s political fabric,” Pelle said, “and we know that Connor and Zach will do a great job leading DPR in new, innovative directions.”

Gorwitz has served on DPR’s senior staff for two years. He is a public policy major, a former DSG Vice President and undergraduate representative to the Board of Trustees, member of POLIS’ leadership council, Duke debater, and tour guide.

Gorwitz is particularly excited about making DPR the center of campus dialogue during the upcoming presidential election.

Phillips served as an editor-at-large as a sophomore before joining senior staff this year. Outside of DPR, Connor has collaborated on several research projects examining partisan polarization in the US House of Representatives with Dr. David Rohde and Dr. John Aldrich in the Political Science Department and co-founded the Duke Film Club.

He hopes to broaden DPR’s role in campus political discourse and foster a greater sense of community between and within its different divisions.

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