Episode 01: “Southern”

Episode 01: “Southern”

The Mississippi Delta is often called the “most Southern place on earth.”  DPR Radio explores the charms and challenges of this oft-forgotten “cradle of American civilization.”



  • Matthew King (Duke University)
  • Jenny Kate Smith (University of Mississippi)
  • Buka Okoye (University of Mississippi)

Music clips (used in accordance with Fair Use guidelines):

  • “Why I Sing the Blues” (B.B. King, 1983)
  • “Graceland” (Paul Simon, 1986)
  • “What a Wonderful World” (Sam Cooke, 1960)

Audio clips from the Sunflower County Freedom Project, Freedom Summer 2015


Written & narrated by Maya Durvasula

Edited by Maya Durvasula & Mabel Zhang

Duke Political Review, 2015.

[27 minutes, 35 seconds]

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