Hacks Hit JPMorgan, NATO, Ukraine, and Others


JPMorgan Chase & Co., the largest bank in the US with total assets estimated at $2.515 trillion, recently had their security systems compromised in one of the largest cyber breaches in history. According to reports, 76,000,000 customer accounts were hacked, but luckily social security numbers and other highly critical information remained secure. Company spokeswoman, Patricia Wexler, stated that JPMorgan Chase & Co. will not be “offering credit monitoring to customers” as a result.

Meanwhile, reports recently revealed that a hacking campaign dubbed “Sandworm” has been spying on a number of major corporations, NATO, and several Western governments, including that of Ukraine. Investigators have labeled the campaign “Sandworm” because of references to the science fiction series Dune in the code. There is speculation that the hackers could be either instructed or at least supported by the Russian government. Russia was suspected of similar cyber espionage against Georgia and Estonia in times of conflict. The bug in question affected versions of Windows Vista’s latest software, Windows 8.1.

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