How (and Why) Do Duke Students Vote?


Over the course of a week (Feb. 27 – Mar. 7), DPR Dispatches surveyed Duke students on their voter identification and voting preferences. While much of the data offered few surprises, like the Democratic-leanings of female and non-white voters, and the Democratic-leanings of students in general, it offered valuable insight into the politics of Duke students across social affiliation and surprising results for student’s candidate preferences. Below are charts summarizing candidate preferences of students identifying as Democrats, Republicans, and Independents and political identifications across social affiliation, gender, and race. In addition, we have included some interesting tidbits:

  • 64% of students are voting in NC, as opposed to their home state
  • 5 Independents and 2 Black or African American students plan to vote for Donald Trump
  • 1 student surveyed plans to vote for Gary Johnson
  • Duke students overwhelmingly chose economic issues as their primary issue.
  • The same was true of strength and leadership as the most important character trait of candidates.
  • Looking to Tuesday:
    • Only 3 of 18 Florida residents surveyed plan to vote for their home Senator Marco Rubio, and none of the 6 Ohio residents surveyed plan to vote for Governor John Kasich. 2 Ohio Republicans plan to vote for Marco Rubio, though his campaign has told supporters to vote for Kasich in order to block Trump’s path to 1,237.
    • While Democratic students pretty closely match North Carolina polls, Republican students overwhelming chose Marco Rubio while he finishes last in virtually every poll conducted in the state.
    • North Carolina’s March 15 primary falls during many college spring breaks, including Duke’s, timing that is said to be detrimental to Sanders’s chances in many states. 500,000 NC residents voted early as of Saturday, the question is whether this included a significant number of students

DPR_Affiliation_FinalDPR Gender Race AcTUAL FINALDPR_Likely DemsDPR_Likely RepsDPR_Likely Inds


Sample Sizes: 326 students, including 207 Greeks, 83 independents, and 36 members of SLGs. 240 white students, 86 non-white. 201 males, 125 females. Among those planning to vote in North Carolina, the sample included 85 Democrats, 60 Republicans, and 42 Independents.

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