If the Democrats Lose, Who Is To Blame?


It appeared as if the stars had aligned for the Democratic party. The Republican party was fracturing at the core as outsider Donald Trump overtook the Republican primary amongst a crowded field. Trump ran a divisive campaign that caused utter turmoil among Republicans. Many of Trump’s former Republican competitors refused to endorse him. Former Republican Presidents George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush also declined to support the nominee. House Speaker Paul Ryan was initially reluctant to endorse Trump and had refused to publicly mention his name since a controversial Access Hollywood tape showing Trump’s vulgarity was revealed. fivethirtyeight declared Trump as the most disliked presidential candidate in the history of America. The Democrats were poised to keep the White House, regain the majority in the Senate, and even challenge the large Republican majority in the House of Representatives.

While the Republican nomination was secured after Ted Cruz failed to gain a majority of delegates, the Democratic party remained fractured by those supporting a moderate agenda, the Clinton supporters, and those supporting the “liberal” agenda, Sanders’ supporters. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders continued battling well into June for the Democratic nomination. Just days before the July Democratic convention was set to kick off, Wikileaks revealed hacked emails from DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz which exposed cooperation between the DNC and the Clinton campaign throughout the primary process including the necessity to expose Sanders’ Jewish identity to Christian voters in the mid-west. Schultz was fired right before the opening of the convention and replaced by interim chairwoman Donna Brazile. Brazile, an ardent Clinton supporter, appeared to stabilize the party and get the Democrats back on track. This week, however, Wikileaks exposed Brazile for stealing questions from her former employer CNN and leaking them to the Clinton campaign before a Democratic primary debate with Senator Bernie Sanders. Brazile’s actions are not only immoral and unethical, but show a deep disrespect for the same American democracy that Democrats have accused Donald Trump of not valuing.

Even more stunning than Brazile’s presumed corruption was this year’s October surprise — when FBI director Comey sent a letter to Congress announcing the reopening of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server without a shred of hard evidence to back the claims. Comey’s letter to Congress reverberated political shockwaves across the nation. Since the letter, Clinton’s poll numbers have tanked and fivethirtyeight now gives her a mere 64% chance to win the election—down from over 90% a few weeks ago.

While the Democrats are still favored to both win the election and retake control of the Senate, Trump’s electoral possibilities are growing. Trump now has a real shot to win the election on November 8th. If the Democrats lose this election there will be no one to blame but themselves. The Democrats had everything nearly handed to them, yet have let corruption, arrogance, and pure sloppiness ruin their electoral outlook. With the trump campaign faltering due to scandal and unsubstantiated comments, this was the perfect opportunity for a Democratic victory but that opportunity may be lost according to early voting data.

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