Midterm Elections Update 9/15


The last batch of states held primary elections on Tuesday, marking the end primary season. There were few surprises in statewide elections, with powerful Democrats such as incumbent Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo and Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley easily winning the Democratic nomination for governor in their respective states.  Former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown also won the nomination as the Republican nominee for Senate in his new home of New Hampshire. Democrats had a seldom seen successful primary challenge, as ex-Marine Officer Seth Moulton defeated Rep. John Tierney.  

Now that general election season has fully begun, the battle for control of the Senate is expected to be extremely contentious, with 8 Senate races listed as ‘tossups’ according to realclearpolitics.com. While the map appears close to even at this point, many are predicting a rough cycle for Democrats (who currently hold a majority in the Senate). Even prominent Democratic strategist and former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney is not optimistic about his party’s chances.

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