Mueller Nearly Fired, Clinton Staff Sexual Assault Scandal, and a DPR Highlight of the Week in: 60

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Trump Nearly Fired Special Counsel Mueller

According to a New York Times report, President Trump ordered the firing of Special Counsel Robert Mueller in June. President Trump backed down when the White House Counsel threatened to resign rather than carry out the order. The President believed that Mueller had several conflicts of interest that made him unable to impartially search for answers within the scope of the Russia investigation.

When asked about this story, President Trump responded by claiming, “Fake news, folks.” Several Democrats and Republicans issued statements supporting Special Counsel Mueller in his ability to do his job and renewed calls for legislation that would create protection mechanisms if he were ever fired.

Clinton Staff Sexual Assault Scandal

On Thursday, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was revealed to have shielded a top adviser who allegedly assaulted a young staff member. During the 2008 campaign trail, Burns Strider, Clinton’s faith adviser was accused to have inappropriately touched and interacted with a young subordinate. At the time, it was recommended that Mr. Strider be fired for his actions. Secretary Clinton did not act on that suggestion and instead moved Strider to a different branch of the campaign. On Friday of last week, Clinton addressed the accusations on Twitter, claiming to have “had her concerns taken seriously and addressed.”

Clinton has received criticism for her apparent position as a feminist role model in light of indifference to harassment and assault. Clinton has received disapproval for her association with Harvey Weinstein, who was recently accused for assaulting a large number of women.

DPR Highlight of the Week

Americans spend more than 70 billion dollars on government-run lotteries per year. This seems like a convenient source of government revenue, and indeed states often use portions of their lottery revenue to fund education, but the lottery program is not without its detractors. In this week’s DPR Highlight of the Week, columnist Spencer Kaplan argues that the lottery system in its current form is a “regressive tax on hope” that needs to be restructured or abolished.

In the News…

Ikea-founder Ingvar Kamprad died at 91 in his home in Sweeden.

Trump refused to call himself a feminist in an interview with Piers Morgan on Sunday.

The Russian opposition party leader Alexai Navelny was arrested on Sunday at a rally in Moscow. 

New Orleans cleaning crews have removed 46 tons of Mardi Gras beads from the drain basins of a popular 5-block parade route.

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