Natalie Ritchie and Michael Pelle Elected as Next Editors of DPR

The Duke Political Review staff elected Natalie Ritchie and Michael Pelle to be the next editors-in-chief of the organization. Ritchie and Pelle, both current juniors, will begin their terms at the end of the current academic year.

“It will be hard to give up something that we have worked so hard on for the past three years but I could not think of two better people to take over the organization,” current co-editor-in-chief Ray Li said following the election. “Natalie and Michael have both been there since the start of DPR and have seen it grown, and they will continue to grow this organization themselves as they truly understand the mission of this group.” Co-editor-in-chief Jacob Zionce added that he had full confidence in both Pelle and Ritchie, and that the organization would be in good hands going forward.

Pelle and Ritchie both delivered prepared statements and fielded questions from the assembled staff, and stressed a number of key initiatives they felt were important for the success of the group. Among their stated goals for the coming year were expanding DPR’s readership, creating new initiatives to expand DPR’s reach, and fostering a stronger community amongst the DPR staff.

A public policy major with minors in global health and Arabic literature, Ritchie is the current managing editor of DPR’s ’60 Seconds’ team and a member of the organization’s executive board. She previously served as a columnist, and has also been a guest editor and writer for DPR’s print publication. Outside of the Review, Ritchie is a member of the Me Too Monologues Production team and the Director of Campus Affairs for the Duke International Relations Association. A native of Knoxville, Tennessee, she has worked for Senator Corker, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and for the Women’s Federation for World Peace in Amman, Jordan.

Pelle hails from Miami, Florida and is double majoring in political science and public policy. He currently is both a columnist and editor-at-large for DPR and served as a member of the print publication selection committee for the upcoming Spring 2015 edition. Outside of DPR, he is a member of the Duke University Debating Society and a past senator in Duke Student Government. He has spent time working for both political campaigns and civil-rights non-profits, and has been a member of DPR since its inception. His main political interests include race relations, civil rights, tax policy, and political philosophy.

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