Want to get involved in DPR? We’re currently accepting pitches for the Spring 2017 print publication. Anyone is welcome to submit a pitch (or several!) whether you are on staff or not. Pitches can be on any topic – we sometimes set a theme for an issue after receiving submissions, but your pitch does not have to adhere to a specific subject area. See below for more information. Have more questions? Feel free to email dukepoliticalreview@gmail.com. Deadline: Thursday, March 9

General Information

A “pitch” is a 100-300 word idea for an article, editorial, Op-Art, or any other great idea you have for inclusion in our print publication. You can send us as many pitches as you like. 100-300 is a range guideline: take as much space and length as you need to make your case for a great article.

Two common types of articles are exposé or argument. In the first couple sentences, tell us what you want to write about and why, then use the rest of your space to flesh out your ideas. If you are writing an argument, provide references to show how you will back it up.

To have your work published and read by the Duke community! Our editorial staff will work with you to create a great article to be featured in the print publication distributed across campus.
Whatever interests you! DPR believes that politics is a spectrum, not a binary, so we want to hear about your political passions. DPR strives to publish unique perspectives on today’s (and tomorrow’s) most important political issues. We’re looking for topics that you are interested in and that you think might be of interest to the entire student body, regardless of how mainstream or bizarre that topic may be!

Examples of possible article topics include:

  • National Debate Topics (equal rights, education reform, gun violence, etc.)
  • Local Politics (University Policies, Durham/NC Electoral Politics, etc.)
  • International Affairs (Revolutions, Human Rights, Austerity Programs, etc.)

Submit A Pitch


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